Dragons know why



They visit no more
Not for lack of belief
No, there is plenty here
Perhaps just to see if it has any strength
Or they fear
I will let all the secrets out

Dragons are not controlled by me or any other
They come and go as they wish
But respect is mutual
And if I must, I will call them
But to call them is a danger

Hope they return now and then
On their own

Dragons are my weakness
That is a fact.


Author Bio

Nikaem lives in Canada and says he writes "as a way to cope with just how life beats on me." He is not sure when he started writing, but the first poem that is on paper has a date of 1983.

He recalls high school as the most horrific time of his life. As a loner he recived the attention of every bullybut and that is what colors his writing. The last english teacher he had told him not to write any more -- that he had no talent and his work was an affront to those who are true poets. Nikaem says he never really understood that but kept on writing anyway.

He says his method of writing is to still do it the old way with a pen and paper then put it on the computer.

His favorite poem to date: "The Anarchist Poets" by Eli Mandel. He says he loves this poem.

His favorite quote -- "A writer is someone who writes, not someone who is Published."


"Dragons know why" Copyright © 1999 Nikaem. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.
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