Mr. Greed

Gargoyle Love Song

--for CMAH


Joshua Gage




They say that I was carved to wait forever.

What do they know? I was born of snow,

cold wind, and stone. It took me the better

part of a millennium to grow

this still, this old. I lurked above the holy

doors, waiting for love to sweep into

my life. I did not think you would be rosy

pink. But you winked at me. I knew you knew.

I watched you age with week and year until

wrinkled, slow, and weathered--a perfect mate.


One day they brought you to me, gift-wrapped, still

and silent. But you were planted, and so I wait

for you to grow from out the ground, join me

and fly. I'll wait forever. I'm good at waiting.




Author Bio

Joshua Gage likes to get drunk, cuss a lot, and peek up womenís skirts. You can trust him about as far as you can throw a wet mattress up an elevator shaft, and even then itís best to shoot him in the knee, just so you know he wonít run away on you.





"Gargoyle Love Song" Copyright © 2002 Joshua Gage. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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detail from "Mr. Greed"
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