To Watch You Drown


John Grey




when I saw you in the sea,
I called you an apple on its bough
but in the instance of your ripening,
breaking free and falling,
the waves bore your face up
one last time
and your eyes appeared, disappeared,
like flashes of light in the night
a voice, dumb and inarticulate,
tenuous but unbreakable,
bound you to me
tighter than a scream
as you dropped down smiling
and the sea crumpled at the angles
of your beautiful, proud mouth
what a taste this fruit has now,
the fever of your hands
grabbing at the sunlight




Author Bio

John Grey is an Australian born poet, playwright, musician. Mr. Grey has seen work published in the South Carolina Review, Chiron Review and Tales of The Unanticipated with work upcoming in Weird Tales and New Laurel Review.





"To Watch You Drown" Copyright © 2002 John Grey. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.


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