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Vision of Rouen

Vision of Rouen





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Michelle Blessemaille is a french artist living with "Timy" a wonderful seventeen year old cat. Three years ago, after different life experiences (free-lance journalism, poetry, photography), she discovered the art of photomontage. She created a new style deeply influenced by gothic and surrealism periods. Michelle's universe is weird, mystical haunted by sculpted, painted or masked recurrent characterss , located through the times.

About her works she says:" It's really amazing because beginning a photomontage, I'm perfectly unable to say what it'll look like at the end! I got thousand of pictures I took in Europe and US, I take one, scan it and wait the magic or maybe the divine inspiration. I've no control, I let me guided by unconscious thoughts, I work and work with Photoshop and suddenly, a little voice tells me: it's finished! The final step is my cat! If Timy doesn't like my work, I delete it! I trust him, he's always right! I can work over eighty hours on the same work, or sometimes just two or three hours. That was the case for Mr Greed."

Living in France, Michelle enjoys visiting medieval places such as the town centers of Rouen or Amiens. "Vision of Rouen" is, for instance, made with two pictures: The window came from Amiens, "l'aître de Saint Maclou" a place miraculously preserved which was a charnel house in the middle age, and the reflection is the Cathedral of Rouen.

As of today, Michelle has created over three hundred photomontages and dreams to illustrate books or CD covers. You can see more works on her official site and also Collage

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