A Toast to the Lazy Gourmet Club


Mary Musselman

  “What do you have planned for us this year, Kain?” Vivian stepped into his office but did not sit down. Instead, she walked to the window waiting for an answer.

“My, you do get to the point. No small talk about investments or your estate? Oh, well. It will be the usual, something fun for everyone at Shadowfest.”

She turned around suddenly to find him right behind her. “That’s what I was afraid of.”

Kain looked into deep blue eyes and smiled. “Nothing to fear. In fact, I think you’ll like what Marian and I have planned. The entertainment for the party will be a game of wit and deception, not unlike what you write in your romance novels. And the costume… This is the best part, Vivian. The women will be dressed as ladies of the night. In provocative low-cut outfits. Dressed to entice.”

“Ladies of the night? Oh, I see what you mean. I should have guessed you’d choose that idea one of these years.”

“Vivian, you do like to tease me and anything else that wears pants and has a …”

“Now, now, Kain. We were having such a good time. Let me see, could all of this have anything to do with Evette?”

Kain sighed. “I think you know very well that Evette never quite left me. She breathed of sultriness and sensuality. You shouldn’t have killed her off. She didn’t deserve to die in such a cold, unfeeling way.”

“Maybe not,” she said. “But it was fun to write that final scene in A Kiss of Scarlet, the murderer so cleverly hiding the knife under Evette’s wedding dress.” Vivian had a feeling that Kain read everything she wrote and would end up caring for this woman with long blond hair and a body that men enjoyed. She’d never let Kain know that she had killed Evette for the simple pleasure of disappointing him. Kain, who had somehow stumbled onto the truth about her affairs with Christian and the others, was a dangerous man. Vivian said, “And what about the men? Should they dress up as our pimps?”

“No, I was thinking along the lines of detectives who would be able to discover your secrets. Oh, and they should have their own distinctive personalities.”

She stepped away from him and inched toward the door. “I see you have it all figured out. What kind of a dish should we bring this time?”

“Nothing at all. This time we’ll let you off the hook and call it the lazy gourmet club. Your invitation will get you into the party.”

And hopefully I’ll be able to leave with my mind still intact, Vivian thought. She said, “Until next Friday night. Oh, and Kain, I think I’ll dress like Evette.” Kain stopped smiling although the idea was rather appealing. At times, Vivian overstepped her bounds.


“Well, what did Kain have to say about our annual Halloween celebration?” Simone cut up her garden salad into bite size pieces and drizzled Italian dressing over the lettuce.

“First of all, he gave the annual Shadowfest an additional name. We are officially the lazy gourmet club this year which means that sweet Marian has to do all of the cooking for us. Poor thing.” Vivian reached for her glass of wine.

“I still have nightmares about last year’s festivities in his back yard. The idea of digging up Marian’s “buried treasure’ still gives me the shakes. I had no idea that the ‘treasure’ would be so disgusting.” Simone glanced at her best friend, dreading the day when she would discover her affair with Brendan.

“Yeah, I never thought we would be piecing together the body parts of a dead deer in the middle of the night.” They both pushed aside their unfinished salads and took another drink of wine. “Well, let’s hope this year isn’t as bad. He told me that the women were to dress as ladies of the night and our husbands as detectives,” said Vivian.

Simone mentally scanned the dresses in her closet, choosing the one that would make Brendan’s mouth water. “Say, I’ll give Cassandra a call about the details of the ‘lazy gourmet’ party which is about the last name I’d call it.” She pretended to look at the couple at the table next to them before she said, “I know that we have sworn never to tell anyone, including each other, about the secret that Kain has on each of us, but…”

“Sorry, Simone. Nothing against you, but Kain would be able to tell we’ve betrayed him by the way we act toward each other at the party. I don’t want to risk it.”

“I don’t understand how he was able to find out so much about us.”

“Who knows how he went about it. I think the only thing he can’t do is read our minds.” Vivian paused and thought about what she had just said. She lifted her glass and caught the waiter’s eye. She was ready for another drink.


Cassandra adjusted a strap on her evening gown, brushing her auburn curls behind an ear to show off diamond-stud earrings and spoke to her husband before they rang Kain’s doorbell. “You would make some kind of detective, Captain Marco Brentley.”

“Well, I wouldn’t go that far. But you, my dear, are so wicked in that slinky dress. I can’t wait to rip it off your body when we get home tonight.” Mick gave her a quick kiss on the lips and ran his hand down her bare back.

“Hey, none of that. I don’t think the captain would address a lady in those terms or kiss a woman in public. Don’t forget that women intimidate him. Besides, it’s going to be a long night. You’ll be much too tired when we get home.”

Marian answered the door. “Happy Halloween. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? You look stunning as always, Cassandra, especially in that color blue with your hair. Quite attractive.” Cassandra and Mick couldn’t help but stare at Marian. Dressed in a black silk tunic and black pants, she half-smiled at them, her dark black hair swept into a ponytail exposing dangling earrings of raven feathers; she turned the part of her face that was painted silver toward them, the black half of her face hidden in the shadows of the front door. “Come in. I’ve got some full-bodied wine for you to try tonight, straight from the Greek Isles. Let me take your fur, Cassandra.”

“Here, Marian. I’ll take it upstairs and put it on the bed. I’m sure you’re busy.” Mick headed for the master bedroom, fur in one hand and a sticky substance of something like freshly spun spider webs from the oak banister on his other hand. He thought, It’s all in the details. Kain and Marian don’t miss a thing when it comes to decorating for Halloween.

“Cassandra, why don’t you help me with the salad, if you don’t mind.” Cassandra followed Marian into the kitchen, noticing the silver goblets, silver bowls and fine bone china on the dining room table. She thought, An elegant feast for a king and a queen and their loyal subjects. Or almost. The skeleton napkin holders, black candles, and a long black knife on the buffet seemed to suggest a different kind of feast.

Avoiding touching the banister, Mick fingered the magnifying glass in his coat pocket, wondering if the other guests had arrived. He headed for the living room but felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Oh my, I hope you’re not here to solve a crime that involves me.”

“Hello, Vivian. I couldn’t think of anything better I’d like to do. Where’s that good looking husband of yours?”

“Oh, you mean Detective Girardin who can’t quite master that French accent? He’s putting the final coat of grease on his hair. Things have to be just right, you know. Come on, let’s get you a drink before you fall over. You look a little pale.” She poured him a glass of Merlot and refreshed her own. “I think I’d rather have some California wine and save Marian’s Greek wine for dinner. I’d like to talk to you alone for a minute. I have a little surprise for you. I’ve fashioned my main character in “A Chance Encounter” to look an awfully lot like you. Broad, muscular shoulders, tall, and slim with a face of a god. The only difference is that he has a long blond ponytail. I wanted to tell you…you fit my image of the perfect lover.”

Mick said, “Well, this night is turning out much better than what I had hoped. What…What happens to my character?”

“Oh, I’ll send you a copy of the novel. I never give away the story line. I just wanted to wet your whistle.”

Kain stood in the back of the hallway watching Mick and Vivian, thinking how Vivian would be shocked to discover that her perfect lover had murdered his business partner. Mick, so kind and thoughtful, would never kill a fly, just like Norman Bates in Psycho. Kain was startled from his thoughts when the doorbell rang. It would be the arrival of the last of his guests.

“Good Evening, Kain. Inspector Lumley at your service, sir. We are here to uncover any monkey business.” He withdrew a handgun from the pocket of his trench coat. “I don’t want to have to use this against you in your home but if you provoke me, I will have no choice to act. Is that understood?”

“Yes, that’s perfectly clear. Come in inspector and Simone. I’ll try to be on my best behavior.”

Simone entered the house, hoping that Brendan was already at the party.

Kain followed them into the living room and said, “Make yourself at home. Have some wine and appetizers. We’ll eat at eight o’clock in the dining room.” He poured himself a glass of Vin de Crete from Greece and drifted from one conversation to the next, finally sitting by Cassandra in the living room, away from the others.

He spoke to the woman dressed in blue, “And how is life with your new husband, Cassandra? I can’t help but wonder if you ever think of the other two.”

“Of course, I do, I miss them both. Dwayne and his stories. And you never met Jack. He had such a sense of humor.”

“No, I didn’t know him at all, but I can still hear Dwayne talking about how he got lost in the Alps in an ice cave. He was always stumbling into something dangerous but he lived through it all until he met you, my dear.”

Cassandra bit her tongue, imagining how Kain would look with his black knife stuck in his neck. “What time did you say we were going to eat? I know how you like to be prompt, to keep the evening moving right along.”

“You’re absolutely right.” Kain looked for Marian and saw her standing in the doorway of the living room, a picture of beauty and intrigue embodied all in one woman. He had had plenty of chances to stray but he could not be untrue to her. He was glad that Evette was only a fiction; if she had been real, he might have been tempted. He was a lucky man to have married Marian and the fact that she enjoyed these gatherings as much as he did made life all the more satisfying.

Marian was poised, ready for his signal for the ritual to begin. Kain stood up and said, “If you would, everyone gather in the dining room. Marian would like to say a few words before we begin to eat.” Before she joined the others, Marian quietly walked from room to room, dimming and turning off artificial lights, putting another log on the fire, lighting candles of various sizes and colors. A thick smell of lilac, myrrh and sandalwood incense hung in the air.

With practiced silence, they watched Kain as he walked around their chairs and the buffet, casting a circle of power with a dark knife. When he had traced the circle on the tile floor, he invited the guests to enter, to sit down at their seats as he closed the circle, his hands clasped tightly around the handle of the knife. Marian stood at his side, her silver face paint sparkled in the glow of silver candles. A black wooden bowl half filled with a liquid rested in her hands; she breathed deeply of the incense, her eyes never leaving the bowl.

In a loud and strong voice, she said, “We give honor to you, Hecate, the one who rules the dark moon, who allows ghosts and demons from the underworld to walk with the living on this night. A reminder to us of our connections with those who have gone before us. Give us the wisdom to look to the future as the earth dies and summer turns to winter. We invite you to show us the future and to join our feast and eat that which we have prepared for you.” There was a sound in her voice, almost a gasp that made Jake sneak a look at her out of the corner of his eye. With one hand she pushed aside something unseen in the bowl.

No one moved from the table as they heard something at the side door, running across the porch. No one said a thing.

Everyone heard the screeching outside as though an animal had been ripped to pieces. They sat frozen. Marian set down the bowl and Kain put down the knife on the buffet whispering something to Marian who did not respond.

Kain faced the buffet to ladle soup into bowls for his guests.

With a black cloth napkin Cassandra wiped her lips and handed Mick a bowl of pumpkin soup, putting hers to the side. She took a small hunk of bread.

“Eat up. This is only the first course. Marian has created a special dinner for you.” Kain raised his glass in Marian’s direction who returned the gesture with a faint smile.

“So, Marian, what exciting cities have you visited lately?” Jake noticed how her eyes didn’t seem to recognize him for a minute.

“Oh, I’m sorry. What did you say?”

“Have you been traveling and working on another collection of recipes?”

“Yes, …um I just got back from Athens where I…I made a detour to spend a fair amount of time in the Greek islands. All of the museums and the beaches and the Greek wines were outstanding. I found this little restaurant in Spestes and I talked one of the chefs into sharing his recipes for my cookbook on the Greek Isles. In fact, you’ll get a sneak preview tonight.”

Cassandra said, “Yes, I know what you mean about the food and wine, Marian. I flew to Athens not too long ago for a week on the beach.”

“You did? I find that interesting. I thought you were stationed only in the states.”

“Oh, no. Whenever I get a chance, I take advantage of my days off. It helps having seniority and getting first pick at schedules and vacation days.”

Marian showed Cassandra her dark side and turned to Brendan. “I thought of you and how you might like to have a Greek night in your restaurant sometime. Would there be much interest in that?”

“I’ve been playing around with the idea of adding a few authentic Greek or Italian dishes to the menu.” Brendan swallowed another spoonful of soup, trying to figure out what herbs it contained. He thought, if it only weren’t so crusty at the bottom or in this damn skull.

Marian said, “If you want the recipes from tonight, let me know. On the menu is a Greek salad of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, olives, Feta cheese and an olive oil dressing to be followed by Chicken Avgolemono on a bed of Almandine rice smothered with hearts of artichokes with a side of lemon sauce. And to top off the evening meal I have some baklava that I think will work well with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and coffee. The white wine is from a grape called Vilana. It’s a fruity wine and the red is called Kotsifali and has a rich aroma; it gives you a taste of the Mediterranean world. Eat well and drink hearty!” She was careful to close the circle before going into the kitchen.

Simone followed Marian’s movements, amazed at how everyone could carry on as though it were just a typical dinner with friends. She pushed around the chicken and rice on her plate, trying to make it look like she had eaten.

Between bites of chicken and salad, Jake adjusted his “nose” that kept slipping out of place. This damn disguise, he thought. I probably have bits of Almandine rice sticking to my nostrils.

Marian served black coffee in demitasse cups and placed the pot in the middle of the black tablecloth.

“Not to be presumptuous or anything, but I will miss my usual nightcap of Kahlua and crème.” Detective Girardin added with a smile in Marian’s direction.

“We are here to serve you, monsieur. I will pour you a glass of your favorite liquor when the evening festivities are underway.”

Kain stood up and made an announcement to the group, “We will adjourn to the living room in a few minutes, but I first need to check something outside.” Again, there was a deep silence while Kain blew out the candles, chanting words in a language that only one other understood. Marian closed her eyes and when he had finished, she excused herself.

When she returned from the kitchen, Kain took off his black cape and poured himself a drink from a decanter on the buffet. Jake and Mick lifted the wine bottle from the middle of the table and headed into the living room.

Simone walked into the hallway and Brendan followed her. “Are you doing okay? The only saving grace in all of this is you. Stop by the restaurant tomorrow if you can get away for an hour or two. I’ll be there.” They heard Kain’s voice telling them to meet in the living room.

All in black, wearing a long necklace of dark red and black feathers, Kain pointed to Jake. “Inspector, I have a mystery that needs to be solved tonight, so I have designated you to choose two names out of the cauldron for the first round of festivities. The two people whose names are drawn will give us a taste of detective work and deception at its finest.”

Jake’s hand was shaking when he reached into a black pot filled with a few neatly folded pieces of paper, “All right. I choose the lady in blue and, and Captain Marco Brentley.”

“Interesting. Husband and wife in a battle to see who will outsmart the other. A fine choice, Inspector Lumley.” Kain continued, “Cassandra, you may be excused in a moment to go to the den to read what is written on the parchment. You can evade the truth or allure him with your charms to keep the captain off track, but you can’t change the circumstances or the outcome of the crime. It is a story about a murder, the details of which only you possess and it is up to the captain to figure out those details in a period of thirty minutes or less. At the end of that time, he will present his findings to the rest of us.” He handed her the sheet of parchment and a brown paper bag before she left the room.

Placing her drink on the end table, Marian sat on the edge of the couch, her eyes glued to the door of the den.

Cassandra held her breath as she read the words in front of her, expecting to read a detailed account of the murder of her two husbands, but it wasn’t that at all. She could do this. She could fool her husband for thirty minutes.

The light of the fire silhouetted two figures who sat facing each other, Cassandra crossing her legs to reveal seamed black stockings.

Captain Brentley, trying to seem uncomfortable in the presence of a beautiful woman, shifted in his chair, but finally said, “What did you say your name was again?”

“Miss Valentino.”

“What is it that I can do for you, madam?”

“I have come to you with the hopes you can help me discover the whereabouts of my youngest brother who disappeared two weeks ago. His wife reported him missing and nobody has heard from him since that time. He has a weak heart and left his medicine at home.” She took out a Kleenex from her evening bag and dabbed her eyes, so that the mascara would not run.

Silently, he lit a cigarette and watched her as she fixed her make up. “Were you close to your brother?”

“Why, yes, we knew many of the same friends in high school and college. We were even on the same basketball homecoming court in high school. I hate to sound immodest but we were both popular and good students in school.”

“How far apart in age are you and your brother?”

“I’m two years older than he is.”

“And your parents, do they have any idea where he could be?”

“My mother died when I was a baby but my father has not heard anything from Jim.”

“What are his profession and marital status?” Mick was starting to enjoy the game and surprised himself at his own questions. He would probably be able to wrap this case up in no time.

“Jim is a pharmaceutical representative and does quite a bit of traveling. He’s been married for four years and they don’t have any children.” Cassandra took a deep breath and ran a hand along her thigh.

Mick continued, pretending not to notice the movement, “Is he happily married?”

“As far as I know he is happy. Oh, I almost forgot. I have brought one of his possessions. He left it on his bed as though he were ready to put it into his pocket and leave for work.”

Cassandra carefully unwrapped a brown leather key case and placed it in Mick’s hand.

The sweat was soaking through his shirt as Mick touched the brown leather key case that he knew so well. “Where did you find this, Miss Valentino?”

“It was on his bed as I earlier stated.”

“Oh, yes, I...um…need to call the proper authorities to put you under arrest, Miss Valentino, for the murder of your brother.”

“Oh, darn, we had ten minutes left. I thought I was doing a good job.”

“How did you solve the crime, Captain Brentley?” Kain acted surprised. Marian, visibly disappointed that it had ended so soon, sighed loudly and sat back in her chair.

“I was going to prolong it to study the key case which would have left a minute or two in the game, but I couldn’t help myself. It was what she wasn’t saying that alerted me. To begin with, Miss Valentino was more concerned about smearing her makeup than about grieving her brother’s disappearance. The facts about how close they were in their high school and college years didn’t add up since knowing the same friends does not translate into running around with the same group of friends. Furthermore, since she and her brother are two years apart it would stand to reason that there was a second marriage involved in which the brother is only her stepbrother. In the brother’s married life, it wasn’t clear that he was happy. I believe that she and her sister-in-law killed him, with an overdose of the very medicine that he carried with him on a daily basis and buried him in the backyard.”

“And what would you have said about the key case?” Kain smiled at Mick

“There was a clump of dirt from the garden embedded between two of the keys.”

“Bravo. A master detective.” Kain shook his hand and told everyone to freshen their drinks for the next round of wit and deception.

Kain walked over to Mick and spoke quietly to him. “I’ll take the key case, Mick. I wouldn’t want to lose any special mementos that mean so much to both of us.” Mick handed him his partner’s key case from his tweed jacket.


“When Mick returns from the bathroom, we’ll have another drawing. Same rules apply. We have some dessert wines if anyone is interested.” Brendan’s black eyebrows raised in agreement and he helped to pour the Kahlua and crème.

“I think I better check on Mick. He seems to have been gone a long time.”

“Before you do that, Cassandra, I’d like you to choose the next two people.”

“All right. Who shall it be?” She took off a white glove and read the names, “Simone and Detective Girardin.”

Kain announced, “This time it is not a murder, but a crime of deception that Monsieur Girardin will investigate.”


Marian knocked on the door and said, “Simone, you’re on stage. We’ll give you another five minutes.”

Simone walked out of the den, her mauve dress sliding against her hips. Sitting down opposite Detective Girardin, she didn’t dare look in the direction of the couch where Jake was scratching his scalp underneath a grey wig.

Jake jumped when Simone started to cry in a high-pitched voice. “Es tut mir leid. Es wird einen sehr grossen Fehler gegeben.”

“I’m sorry but I don’t speak German. My native tongue is French.”

“Englisch will be fine. My name is Frau Schmidt and there has been a terrible mistake made against me. Jemand, someone has planted a diamond ring, in meine Handtasche, making it to appear that I am a common thief, stealing from the models.”

Brendan stood up and handed her his handkerchief, patting her on the back, “Frau Schmidt, I am sorry that all of this has happened, but we will get to the bottom of this dilemma.” Brendan straightened his bow tie and stopped himself in time from running his hand through his greased hair. “When and where did this occur and what were you doing at the time?”

“Ja, I had just finished dressing Bridgette in a black cocktail dress at Helmut Lang’s fall opening in Stuttgart when die Polizei came up behind me and said I had stolen jewelry from the collection. Everyone was staring at me.” Simone blew her nose in his handkerchief and started to shake. She thought, It is all too much. Why does he have to bring up someone who leads a double life? To play a German woman who is really a spy reminds me of my own…reminds me of what I haven’t been able to tell Jake.

“Frau Schmidt, do you need a doctor? You look very pale.”

“I confess to you, Herr Detectiv Girardin that I am not a thief. I am a Russian spy. There you have it. A double life all in one package.”

She stopped and turned from the detective to face Kain. “You and your stupid games, year after year, forcing us to come to your home, eat your food and drink your wine and play along with rituals and spells as we wonder what torture we will have to submit to for the rest of the evening. No more for me. Tell Jake my secret, Kain, if you wish. I can’t do this anymore.” She ran out of the room and headed upstairs.

Unmoved, Kain played with his beard, admiring Simone’s fit of passion. It was so unlike her.

At the same time Brendan and Jake rose from their chairs but Marian reached the staircase ahead of them. “I’ll take care of her.”


Marian went upstairs and listened for their voices. There was only silence. All of the doors were open except for the master bedroom. A game of hide and seek. They were nothing but little kids at heart, giving her such pleasure in discovering their hiding places, but she would be careful. The pictures in the black bowl at dinner had been clouded except for two images, one of Hecate and the other of something in her bedroom. She turned the doorknob slowly and noticed that the lamp was lit on the far dresser, but no one was in the room. On the bed was a wedding dress, not her own for she had been married in something much simpler and darker, but it was an elegant, ivory satin dress with puffy sleeves.

In the dim light she admired herself in the mirror, imagining how she would look in the dress, an appealing contrast of black hair with ivory satin, wondering whose reflection she would see in the mirror, the face of the person who would try to murder her.

She hadn’t noticed Kain’s black knife buried under the wedding dress.


Vivian studied how expressionless Kain’ face was. “I’ve never seen you like this, Kain. Cat got your tongue? What happens now? Do we continue to play detective? Inspector Lumley and I could entertain you, but I don’t think so. We left the best part until last. Someone dear to you has had an accident and it will be up to you to decide if the accident will turn into a fatal one.”

Kain ran up the stairs, yelling out Marian’s name as he searched each room. The light was still on in the master bedroom. But there was no sign of Marian.

Jake watched Kain open the closet door. “You won’t find her in this room, Kain. She’s gone.” He pointed the handgun at Kain’s heart while Brendan came up behind him and tied his hands together with a belt. “I see what is happening. An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. No need to get violent. Just tell me where Marian is and we’ll end the evening as though none of this ever happened.”

“She’s in good hands. Cassandra is in charge of Marian.” At the mention of Cassandra’s name, Kain tried to move his hands but they were bound too tightly. Jake pushed him hard, so that he fell onto the carpet. It was moist where he laid his face. Brendan turned on the overhead light.

“Let’s see. If Marian dies and we kill you, then the police will easily trace the murders to the houseguests, whose fingerprints are on the glasses and the dishes. But if we strike a bargain of sorts, I suppose we could be convinced to let you both live.” Jake smiled at Vivian, wondering if she would ever use him as one of her characters in a novel. He kicked Kain in the leg. “I think we can work something out; after all, we’re both in finance. Since I’m out of a job, thanks to you, I could work as your personal advisor, helping you control the wealth in your firm. Yes, all of this in exchange for a promise to let us lead our lives in peace.”

Kain said, “I don’t seem to have a choice. Where is she?”

“Gone, long gone, but we’ll let her live. The wounds will heal. That is, if we get down to business. We can start looking at your financial plan tonight.” Jake pulled him up by the shoulders.


“That was a fun evening. Our guests certainly proved to be creative but in the end, they didn’t think of everything. They should have had more faith in the powers of the night, especially at Shadowfest. I’m glad we won’t have to see them again. Seven years of entertaining them is long enough. I agree, Kain, next year we’ll get together a fresh group of clients.”

“Meanwhile, my dear, let’s have some more of that full-bodied wine from the Greek islands to celebrate the end of summer. I forgot to tell you that you remind me of Evette. So alluring and mysterious. It’s hard for me to keep my hands to myself.”

“Don’t stop on my account. The night has just begun.” Marian turned her face, showing him her dark side, the side that never ceased to fascinate him.

Kain poured the red rich wine for the two of them as they listened to the sounds at the side door, a cacophony of voices begging for mercy. Hecate would be well fed tonight.



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Author Bio

Ms. Musselman says, "When my aunt read stories to me of man-eating bears at my grandparents’ cabin, she had no idea she was instilling a love for horror tales into the mind and imagination of a young girl." That fascination only grew stronger through years of watching The Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock and Outer Limits. Along the way Mary discovered that she liked creating stories and characters in her head or in journals until finally she took the plunge and wrote a one-page short story about a misunderstood monster. From then on, the “monsters” have filled the pages of her stories about the supernatural.

Her work has appeared in Tapestry, Eotu Ezine, The A-List, Aphelion, Parchment Symbols, Twilight Times, Blood Rose, Unhinged, Three Lobed Burning Eye and Dark Angel Rising. One of her stories will be part of an upcoming E-Anthology by Danielle Naibert.

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Publishing credits include:
“Keeper of Angels” in Demensions in the January 2001 issue.
“A Splash of Beauty” in Steel Caves" in the January 2001 issue.
“A Change of Heart” appeared in Waxing and Waning, Winter 2000, issue #6.
“Ash of Firelight, Essence of Cinnamon” at Clam City in December issue; the story can be found in their archives.






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