Piano Poltergeist


Nancy Jackson




One faint note from the piano plays
A twilight tune to awaken lost souls
This haunting melody breathes new life
A ghostly bell for these creatures tolls

Fearless, heartless, alone and wild
Roaming the midnight hours so free
With nowhere to go and all things forgotten
Without sense of where they should be

Up and down staircases and thru every wall
Fixtures swaying from their frenzied flight
The blazing fireplace with spirited flames
Become the evening’s only spark of light

Their weightless bodies ever searching
They all have a destination they need to find
As the piano finishes its last haunting note
All the lost souls retreat back and hide




Author Bio

Ms. Jackson resides along the Oregon Coast in Oregon and loves to write poetry and stories. Nancy's main interests are exploring the beautiful home mother nature has made for us and spirituality.





"Piano Poltergeist" Copyright © 2002 Nancy Jackson. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.


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