Queen of the Night
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Born Under a Blood Moon Sky


Nancy Bennett




Born under a blood moon sky
where cold winds whisper, witches fly.
The night holds secrets, dark and deep
we chant them bold, while others sleep.

In ancient footsteps do we follow
to fires lit in hidden hollows
dreaming of the dawning, when
magicís reborn in field and glen.

Born under a blood moon sky
the night it calls us, you and I
by nights dark glory spells we cast,
the secrets kept in womyn's past.

Spirit of Diana, we who have roamed
followed your path and made it our own.
Bless this circle, Goddess on high!
She too born under a blood moon sky.




Author Bio

Nancy Bennett is a practising Pagan and a founding member of HAGS ( Honourable Aging Goddess Society.)

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"Born Under a Blood Moon Sky" Copyright © 2003 Nancy Bennett. All rights reserved.
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