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Karen Newman



Low tide exposed an ancient path
to Lindisfarne on a sometimes island
where Gaminerie lived in a castle
formed of priory stones
stacked intricately her first trick

after Samhain, an accident
of occasional ghosts floating
about at Halloween
watched by dancing scarecrows
and cackling jack-o-lanterns.

Across that path her breath blew
caressing the ears of leprechauns.
Celtic crocks full of gold shone
under iridescent rainbows over verdant dales
sprinkled with shamrocks surrounding
the blarney stone guarded by reams of elves in green garb.

A sparking mist spun a web of deceit
on human eyes blinded by
greed for treasures seen
and leprechauns laughed after it all
disappeared in an instant.

Proud of her lasting legacy
Gaminerie flew across foamy seas
searching for more mischievous fun.




Author Bio

Karen's work has appeared or is scheduled to appear in Dreams and Nightmares, EOTU Ezine, Aoife's Kiss, Scifaikuest, and other magazines.

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"Gaminerie" Copyright © 2004 Karen Newman. All rights reserved.
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