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unrealized epiphanies on a celestial scale


Lee Clark Zumpe




you can finger falling figments, trace the spiraling cosmos
on the wings of extinct butterflies, and waltz
with the aborted ghosts
of unborn galaxies


the estrangement of science and mysticism obscures
our unidentified potential


we are all just so much stardust
and unrehearsed dream




Author Bio

By day, Lee Clark Zumpe is a mild-mannered proofreader for Tampa Bay Newspapers. At night, the author locks himself in a room in a remote corner of the house and writes. His work has appeared in magazines including Weird Tales, Main Street Rag and Zillah. Lee and wife Tracey enjoy scouring antique festivals for vintage toys, Victorian ephemera and linens.

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"unrealized epiphanies" Copyright © 2004 Lee Clark Zumpe. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.


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