Our Song

Blue Unicorn

Waves drum the shore

Overgrown and primitive.

Breezes strum the reeds

Thin and yielding.

Earth's children gather

On water, air, and soil

To dance to her music

To sing her song.


A song of wisdom

Of times forgotten.

A song of hope

Of times to come.


The song is a mother's gift.

A gift to all her children.

When confusion reigns,

It will soothe and comfort.

In times of uncertainty,

It will teach and counsel.

Many hear but do not listen.

It is ours, our mother's gift.


A song of wisdom

Of times forgotten.

A song of hope

Of times to come.

Author Bio

Joni says that her imagination has kept her company all her life. She remembers putting herself to sleep at night by telling herself stories. This may have stemmed from her mother reading to her every night and her father taking over after her mother died. They say that reading to your children spawns a love of reading and writing, and Joni supposes that she is living proof.

Although she tried writing in high school, Joni did not write her first novel until 1995. Since then there have been 2 novels, many short stories, and many more poems.

Her work has been showcased in Nightstalker: Land of Eternal Night, TimeWinder, Eternity, Angel Web, and Writer's Block.

She hopes to one day, not necessarily have a bestseller, but to be able to eke out a small living at writing.

-- Blue Unicorn



"Our Song" Copyright © 1998 Joni Latham. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.
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