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Our featured writer for this premier issue of Twilight Times is Steve Lazarowitz, a prolific writer whose work is currently appearing in over a dozen ezines. Net Novels is compiling a number of Steve's orginal works to include in an upcoming Anthology. Yes, Steve, soon you'll have your very own Anthology and deservedly so.

The Tree (44k)
Sea Trap - Part I.

Ms. Jane Toombs author of more than fifty novels in various genre came up with the sort of story I'm looking for -- slipstream. "The Sometime Place" cannot be pigeonholed. Be sure to read our special feature about this impressive writer.

The Sometime Place (9k)

Jennifer Dunne has several publication credits and her novel, Raven's Heart, will be available from New Concepts Publishing November 1998. Jennifer is the Editor in Chief and Publisher of an outstanding newsletter Science Fiction Romance. Tell Jennifer we sent you.

The Perfect Hero. (6k)

Geoffrey and Saga Drake have established a presence online with their web site Artistic Intent, a refuge for writers. Both Geoff and Saga publish informative monthly editorials and happen to be terrific writers.
I think they've been polishing their work for over two years now. Twilight Times is delighted to be the first magazine anywhere to publish their works of fiction. Folks, let 'em know how much you enjoyed their stories and maybe they'll get a few more out from under the bed, dust them off and start sending them out.

2:00 A. M. On the Top of Notre Dame - Geoffrey Drake. (14k)

Portrayal - Saga Drake. (12k)

Ms. Frances Sonnabend has been writing stories for years. Her children's story "Whistle" will appear in Cricket magazine this fall and will be her first pro publication. You're on your way, Ms. Frances.

Wild Blackberries (25k)



Our featured artist is Jennifer Louthan, a most talented artist from East Tennessee and we are delighted she is making her web debut with Twilight Times. Jennifer specializes in oil paintings and will be available for commissions and she is busy creating a web site to showcase her artistic talents.

Aquarium Fish (56k)
Dolphins (37k)
Manatees (35k)

Graphic Artist Dee Dreslough is a multi-talented individual and her web site has a wealth of graphic information.

Dare to Dream (104k)
Pegasus (59k)

Dee Prutsman runs her own business called "Dee's Office Solutions" in Ketchikan Alaska and she is also working on two novels. Dee recently discovered that she likes to paint on her computer. I was able to snag two of her early works.

Spacescape and Scenic

Graphic Arts Editor, Joni Latham, is a trooper and has been able to produce fantastic graphics on short notice, time after time.
Orbital Alignment and Window View



Our featured poet is Penny Hussey, our Poetry Editor. Penny is a true "super-woman" of the times. She is dedicated to her family, church, community and to an online writer's support group,
Romance Foretold.

Sea Weep

Joni Latham, is not only talented in graphic arts, but she has also seen her story published recently in TimeWinder Her poems will be published in an upcoming issue of Eternity. And she designed the TT logo and the background for several pages! Is that Talent, or what?

Our Song

Introducing Rosemary Marty as a new poet. We're really enjoying presenting the original works of fine writers for the first time.

Time Within Time



We're delighted to present a very special writer in our published author feature.

Ms. Jane Toombs graciously took time out from her busy schedule to answer a few questions exclusively for Twilight Times readers. We wanted to know the story behind her Moonrunners fantasy trilogy which will soon be available from New Concepts Publishing. Dark Sunrise, Book Three, is available now.

Featured Author

Tony Thomas is an impressive writer whose non-fiction work has appeared in over a hundred publications. He has discovered what a struggle it can be to get fiction work published. His first and only published work of fiction, "Lost Golf Balls" can be viewed online at the Pittsburgh Review. "Lost Golf Balls" will soon be published in a print version of their magazine, as well.

Commentary on the romance genre versus literary school of writing.

Bill Sander (aka Will Sand) speaks the Truth as he sees it in...
A New Millinnium's Resolution.


A special note to TT readers. All contents of this premiere issue are copyright by the writers and artists. If you discover any artwork or writing published here elsewhere on the internet, or in print magazines, please let us know immediately. The staff of Twilight Times feels very strongly about protecting the copyrighted work of contributors.



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