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Many thanks to the talented contributors who are sending us the finest in speculative fiction, poetry and fantasy artwork.

We prefer to use light backgrounds for ease of reading the text, but we found a few dark backgrounds we could not resist. If the story or poem does not display well in your browser, simply select the "alternate" version.

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Our featured authors for this issue of Twilight Times are Robert Marcom and Mayra Calvani Eyuboglu

Author Robert Marcom. Kiowa Bill calls on his heritage when confronted by Evil.
"Kiowa Nights" --F-- (13k)

Mayra Calvani Eyuboglu. An antiquities smuggler becomes involved with arcane mysteries.
"The Cellar" -- DF -- (25k)
"The Cellar" [alternate]

Vasilis A. is back with the story of Victoria who is torn between devotion to her husband and her talented lover, Evangelos.
"Test of Time" -- Literary -- (19k)

Kathryn Sullivan is back with a story about Elin who rebels against the traditions of the herd.
"Windkin" -- F -- (22k)

Kim Guilbeau. Kelsey is reunited with her one true love.
"Inevitable" -- F -- (16k)
"Inevitable" [alternate]


Short Fiction

D. Mastriano. A young woman who exercises race horses finds a lifetime of memories in one night.
"And Now the Wind Blows" -- F -- (14k)

Jacob Bettany. A moment in time in the life of a bespelled and trapped man. Fantasy.
"The Necessary Witch" -- Vignette -- (8k)

Connie Wolters. When a young woman is lost and unhappy, a fantasy creature intervenes.
"Lost" -- YA F -- (8k)



Our featured artist is Johanna Pieterman
Calling Luna (53k)
Desest Angels (31k)
The Birds of Rhiannon (61k)

the wildlife art of Rebecca Kemp
Creature Comforts (34k)
Springtime for Weasel (56k)
Three for the Wild (45k)

fantasy artist Judith Huey
Wolf Looks Back (16k)

mythic naturalism art of Jonathon Earl Bowser
Tiger! (34k) [Ed. note - nudity]

the fantasy art of Jennifer Fausett
African Sunset (26k)
Lion (37k)

ArtistRaul Jimenez
Wolf Pack (106k)

Artist Dee Dreslough
Firewolf (81k)
Woman and Dimar (54k)



Our featured poet is

Poet Pat H. Fredeman who is back with
"The Night Watch"
"The Night Watch" [alternate]

Poet Deborah P. Kolodji is back with
"Ghosts of the Intersection"
"Ghosts of the Intersection" [alternate]

Poet Steve Lazarowitz is also back with
"The Ghost City"

Introducing poet Nancy Lee Lenning
"Let the journey begin, a journey from within"

Poet J. Wilson Tyree and his web debut with
"Soft Voices"
"Soft Voices" [alternate]



Interview with e-published author Pat Fredeman

Jim Farris on "Writing as an Art Form"

Steve's Laws of Writing.


A special note to TT readers. All contents of this issue are copyright by the writers and artists. If you discover any artwork or writing published here elsewhere on the internet, or in print magazines, please let us know immediately. The staff of Twilight Times feels very strongly about protecting the copyrighted work of contributors.




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