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A recently graduated medical student, Richard T. Lanks is looking for a medical residency within the field of cardiology. But, he is also hoping for success as an accomplished graphite/pencil artist, even though he has never had formal training in any artistic area. All of Richard's training and education has been through trial and error, trying to learn from the styling of well-known commercial artists, such as Luis Royo, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, the Hildebrandt Brothers, Olivia, J. Janesko, M. Whelan, K. Parkison and Alberto Vargas.

Currently, Richard is specializing in photo-realism and artist nudes, attempting to gain the highest level of perfection possible. He has always relied on graphite as his main medium, having little or no training with other techniques. His main artistic goals are twofold: hif first artistic goal is getting an opportunity to draw one card for any of the Marvel Comics box card sets. The second goal is being able to reproduce high quality, photo-realistic graphite images, on par with the works of Luis Royo. Richard says, "I knows it is an unreachable goal, but I'm tring anyway."

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Metallic Skies   Personal gallery
Ardeon Gallery
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