The Ghost City


Steve Lazarowitz

The city streets are barren now
The quietness surrounds me
The once tall buildings now in ruins
The busy streets now empty

Now the wind fills silent streets
At night, the cold is crippling
I thought I heard a plane go by
I think I must be slipping

Alone I walk about the place
Remembering times passed
Feeling all the barrenness
And somewhat free, at last

Nothing worldly holds me now
I'm free to make my way
But what to do, I just can't think
So I kneel down and pray

Alone at last, I laugh aloud
The pain wells up within me
I think of all the people dead
And let myself be lonely

I see things that I've never seen
Shadows of the days long gone
I weep upon those silent streets
Beneath the breaking dawn

My prayers have not been answered yet
I kneel here, still alone
And then I hear the voice of God
The ringing of a phone

How quickly I am on my feet
I break into a grin
But all that's left is silent wind
My head begins to spin

Long ago, I thought it wrong
Did nothing but complain
Now I feel the weight of it
It's driving me insane

There's nothing that is bad enough
To wish the world away
And if I had a second chance
I know just what I'd say

Life's too short to live like that
To fight, to hate and lie
If I could do it all again
I know I'd rather die

I'd never curse a broken bus
Complain about my pay
I'd never argue pointless points
Or wish the world away

I think I've learned a lesson here
Amidst the city's dead
I shout into the air once more
And slowly walk ahead

I climb the tallest building
That still has stairs to climb
And look about at all that's left
To see for one last time

Freedom's just a leap away
And soon I will be dead
But first I stop to write these words
That never will be read


Author Bio

Steve Lazarowitz is the chairman of Eguild. His work has appeared in numerous webzines including Twlight Times, Jackhammer, AnotherRealm, The Wandering Troll, Exodus and many, many more.

He has two anthologies coming out early in 2000. A Creative Edge: Tales of Speculation and Dream Sequence (and other Tales from Beyond) available from Crossroads Publishing.

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