New Stars for Old


Sabina C. Becker

A black-hole-hearted sorcerer
travels the galaxy, keeping a sharp
dark-adapted eye out for him:
some starfaring Aladdin,
plucking the jewels of solar systems
so his poor mother at home
will have comfort in her old age.

New stars for old!
he cries endlessly, hoping
that our hero will hand over
what he picked up by chance:
the burnt-out asteroid that, when rubbed,
will unloose a genie quick as a quasar
to hand him the universe on a platter.


Author Bio

Sabina C. Becker is the poetry editor at NetAuthor. Her poem, "Worldbuilding", is a Rhysling Award nominee in the Long Poem category.


"New Stars for Old" Copyright © Sabina C. Becker. All rights reserved.
Published by permission of the author.
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