Disquiet in Hesperides*


Sandra Lee Larsen


Where has all the happiness gone?
The days of sunlight and daffodils,
Kubla Kahn had Xanadu, Arthur Camelot,
Ours too, a world apart, carefully spun with dreams.

Slowly shadows began to move over that garden,
Our place encircled with love, seemingly secure.
Tho’ I thought them only passing clouds; they stayed,
Stretching farther than I could endure.

Something foreign had entered there,
Into our hideaway, meant only for two.
The sunlight has dimmed, the moon is obscured.
Restlessness stirs the leaves, feelings too thorny to endure.

Please, please my love don’t go far away.
The walls are weakened now,
There are stones of trust bumbled down,
Strangling vines of insecurity grow.

Your distant footsteps echo,
Sounds of music shared and loved,
All those things of our special Shangri-La.
Take my hand, we’ll return to that land.

I want for us to be there forever.
Forever, and yet another day.
Until all around us are ruins and crumbling dust.
My heart’s poignant plea is to again live happily.

Come, come let us not delay, not another day!
There are more memories yet to be spun.
Together we’ll repair the walls and that turret of love,
Reawakening harmony and savoring delights awaiting our rendezvous.

[Note: * Hesperides was the name given to Spain by the early "tourists" there, the Romans.]

Author Bio

Sandra Lee Larsen is a freelance writer now living in San Antonio, Texas. She recently discovered her roots there by learning of her biological family, having been adopted at birth. Sandra was born in Key West, Florida. Her bio-dad was a wannabe writer who moved there to be near the Hemingway clan.

Sandra built a home with her late husband and lived in Spain for five and one half years with their two young children. It is a cherished memory. She is a cancer survivor of three years and spokesperson for the American Cancer Society. Her writing is an eclectic array of many subjects. She is currently working on her memoirs, which covers her life of many journeys.



"Disquiet in Hesperides" Copyright © 1999 Sandra Lee Larsen. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.
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