Carl Sennhenn


"Sometimes. . .it's the curve of a chair that hurts you. . . ." Anne Sexton


Cushioned, the curve of a chair will not hurt.
Stark lines strike with purity
    and blind to lesser joys.
Smoothness of finish and silence of wood
ask for touch
and so
you do and then, perhaps,
you hurt.

Other curves hurt, too:
the curve of horizon so transparent
from shores of the Pacific
that you ponder immensities
of earth, sky, and water--all the while
accepting the impossible other side.

Then there are curves
    of flesh
    of moon
    of music
    of leaf
all so simple
They can make you weep.


Author Bio

A longtime teacher, Carl Sennhenn is the Associate Dean of Humanities at Rose State College, Midwest City, OK, where he teaches English and Humanities. He has taught creative writing for senior adults and children, is the faculty editor of the RSC anthology Pegasus, has published two chapbooks of poetry (and is desultorily at work on a third).


"Curves" Copyright © Carl Sennhenn. All rights reserved. Published by permission of the author.
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