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Reflecting Pond

Reflecting Pond



"Reflecting Pond" is white earthen ware clay, engobes, glaze. Original design by Sheila Vosen-Shorten. Approx. 10" dia. and is for sale at $175.00.

The aspen, mountains, water and air of Montana inspired me to create this meditative piece that invites the viewer to plumb his or her own depths. Aspen ringing the pond are mirrored on its surface, represented by the central blue of reflected sky.

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Artist Bio

A native Montanan whose ancestors homesteaded on the Hi-Line, Sheila Vosen-Shorten is rooted to the land, culture and spiritual qualities of rural Montana and her people. She has lived in Bozeman, Mt. since 1992, with her husband Perry, where they build mandolins and sculpt pottery.

In September of 1998 she won the Mother Lode Golden Nugget Award for poetry. She is a member of Treasure State Writers and has published in the TSW Inkslinger. Sheila enjoys reading her poetry at the Cowboy Poetry Gatherings in Lewistown, Mt. and has shared her poetry-slide presentation, called "Sacred Places," at various locations in Bozeman and Sheridan, Mt. She loves the process of writing and is currently working on short stories based on life in Northeastern Montana.

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