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Submission Guidelines


We will be open to fiction submissions

from July 15 to Aug. 5, 2020 and again from October 5 to December 5, 2020


Prefer a balance of SF, dark/light fantasy, cross-genre and literary works.

Still need a few stories and poems for Winter 2019 as well as the Spring 2020 issue.

    Twilight Times - a digital journal of speculative fiction. Prefer SF/F/literary, cross-genre fiction under 6k words. Quarterly.
Fiction from 1000 to 10,000 words. Essays to 3500 words. Poetry to 30 lines.

Prefer One-time electronic rights, non-exclusive world-wide print rights and non-exclusive rights to retain work in the back issues archive for up to two years. Will withdraw from archives upon your written request.

Upcoming issues may also be offered as a download in PDF and as a print magazine.

Open to artwork submissions

    Currently need fantasy artwork in jpg format - token payment. Fantasy graphic artists featured each issue. Prefer One-time electronic rights and permission to archive work online for up to two years. Will withdraw from archives upon your written request.

Open to poetry submissions.

Poetry with SF/F, New Age, Goddess, nature and/or universal themes.

Open to article submissions.

    Currently interested in New Age topics, articles on e-publishing and/or creative writing. Please consider sending your work to the friendly publisher listed below.

Contact Lida Quillen at

Important Note: Your email message MUST begin the subject line with tt: or tt or your message will be deleted.

    Twilight Times was created to present the works of those writers whose stories "blend" genres, are too "literary" for other zines or seem too mainstream or "quirky" in tone. We're not seeing enough slipstream or speculative fiction submissions from women writers. Not interested in horror, gore, violence or darker works such as psycho-killer tales.

    Send fiction, essays and poetry in the body of an email message to the publisher. Use a blank line between paragraphs. We're unable to receive attachments at this time. No multiple submissions. Payment for the ezine will be $5.00 for original and previously unpublished works. This includes stories, poems, articles or graphic artwork. Work that has been previously published (this includes personal web sites) will receive payment of $2.50. Payment for stories or poems selected for the print magazine will be in contributor copy.

We do link to authors' and artists' websites. We also provide a newsgroup for discussion relating to TT topics and an email address for critical commentary.

Staff Members

Lida E. Quillen, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief.
Leslie Holman-Anderson, Fiction Editor

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