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Ms. Kotraseva reads Pavich, Pelevin, Zelazny and Dostoevsky. She listens to NIN, Tricky, Bowie, Wagner, S. Walker, and sometimes likes to look at El Greko, Schiele, Pre-Raphoelites, Vrubel, Mucha and Bacon. And she is currently obsessed with Lermontov/Rubinshtein/Vrubel's 'Demon'.

Tasha says, "As you've probably guessed by now, I'm a pseudo-intelectual. And if this wasn't bad enough, I'm a lokean. Somebody, stop me! I'm now in my 'I don't like my art and think my style sucks' mood that's why I've been experimenting with different media and techniques lately. Yes, my art sucks! There. I said it, so you don't have to. Actually, I want to study art, and I hope I will... some day..."

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