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Angel of War

Angel of War





Artist Bio

William Li graduated from the Delft University of Technology and holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Design Engineering. He currently works as an industrial design engineer with a design firm.

In 1998 he started Fenyx Imaging to do freelance illustration and sell personal artwork on the side.

In his artwork he strives for realism to make the fantastical look real and believable. In doing this he pays close attention to perspective, light, shadows, anatomy and realworld detail.

He has used a wide variety of traditional media such as pencil, ink, markers and airbrush, usually with the aim to reach an optimum of realism and effect.

Currently he prefers using the computer because of its flexibility. His digital paintings done in Photoshop or Satoripaint are fully hand-painted on screen with a graphic tablet, very much like the traditional way.

Alongside he is also experimenting with 3D rendered backgrounds or elements to achieve more realistic imagery.

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