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The Dark in Dreams


Ann K. Schwader



Indelible as ink, the dark in dreams
achieves its final form before we're three,
distinguishing our terrors by their themes.

Sleep-fettered in our beds, we cannot be
ourselves redrawn, refined, in any way
revised from these outlines our earliest days
laid down in thick subconscious sediment
since hardened into concrete, hopelessly
encasing us in our own history
like flies within some amber of intent
opaque to any waking universe.

So limited, we each must face alone
our private childhood nightmares, rendered worse
by us insisting that they've been outgrown.



Author Bio

Ann K. Schwader is an active member of both SFWA and HWA. Her new chapbook of horror & dark SF verse, Architectures of Night, is available now from Dark Regions Press. Strange Stars & Alien Shadows, her first dark fiction collection, is now available in eBook & POD versions from Lindisfarne Press.

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